Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Buffet Fountains

Sharon has a bone to pick with Golden Corral buffet and their chocolate fountain. 


  1. I hope you are happy. I got fired because of that Sharon. I told my boss how you contaminated the fountain with your handful of used Kleenex and he said "The customer is always right" and fired my ass right there. How am I gong to make by trailer payment now Sharon? The old man has another 8 months in the slammer.(Just drunk driving again, nothing serious. He was set up because it was his 5th offense and because the fuzz are corrupt) I used to bring home the leftovers for my kidz, what are they going to eat now? My babby J'Bobby likes the chocolate fountain leftovers in his bottle. I can't afford that fancy fake choclate mix they get at the clearance section of Megamart. Now I have to go back to my old job of being a shot girl at the local strip club. Its not a classy place like Hooters either. I have had 8 kids and my girls have taken the gravity hit if you know what I mean so I dont know how many tips I anm going to get unless I add less water to the shots. Its all your fault Sharon. My babby's will starve now.

    From Brigid Anonomus (you know, you don;t know my last name hahaa)

  2. May I suggest you contact your fancy french embassy? I have already recommended a nice American girl named Wanda for your job. I met her at the Farmer's market when I was denting her fruit to check for ripeness. You lied to me when you encouraged me to "dip anything" in the fountain. I think it was totally uncalled for when you tackled me to the floor. I'll have you know I hurt my elbow and got rug burn on my ear from your manhandling. You don't belong at the corral. Best of luck. I hear France is hiring.