Sharin' Sharon's Story

Sharon EugienaPaulWaller Bailgoat was born in 1924. It has been her mission in life to right the minor annoyances and injustices that befall her daily. Some of her greatest pet peeves are: religious fundamentalists, pro-life idiots, regular idiots, general idiots, those lying liars at Golden Corral, the heartless demons that locked her against her will and forced her to eat mustache wax. and the unholy bastards at Hoverround who hath created such a faulty product.

In her spare time, Sharon enjoys sweet sweet fellowship with the women of the Christian Church of Christ of Instain. The Church of Instain used to have a Facebook page until D.J. Walkson Water created such an uproar. Sharon has been a faithful member of Instain for over thirty years, minus the time with the prunes and the unfortunate incident. She is grateful for the lord who forgiveth. Also to Ethel for being so understanding with her dry cleaning.

Artists rendering of Sharon EPW Bailgoat. 

Disclaimer: Sharon does not condone the use of drugs based on this picture or anything else she may say or post. Sharon loves drugs. You should stay away, mmkay? Amen™

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