100% true testimonials from Sharon Bailgoat fans! 

"What the fuck did I just read..." -Mike Wilson

"Are you high?" - Michael Cummings

"Sharon Bailgoat for President!!!! She's hilarious and subversive" -Anon

(On Shrader, supreme butthole of the universe) "I think most of her brilliant digs sail right over his egotistical little head!" -Anon

(After posting about her kids eating rubber bands and coins, Sharon helpfully suggested that they might like some food) "Because, you know, who knew they needed food? That's totally helpful."-Tales of a Kitchen Witch 

"A day without Sharon is like a day without chickenetti." -Orleanna Price

"Need moar Sharon!" -3mnnr Batt

"Thank you for witnessing to me your testimony on Chex Mix... Thanks to you, I was able to suggest a holier snack." - Good Jenn

"Sharon is my new god. Amen." -Anon

"Our dear Sharon is very persistent" -Anon

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