Thursday, July 4, 2013

On Jelly Fires

Sharon has a bone to pick with those lying liars at Sure Jell.



  1. Sister Sharon I am praying for you. I had a similar incident with my third husband, DeWayne. He found some jelly in a tube at the market one day. He thought it was one of those products make by Kraft since it had a K in its name. Well he said it was disgusting when he put it on his English muffin. I took a taste and it stuck to your tongue thicker than Homels pure leaf lard. DeWayne and I continued with our coffee and breakfast. When he was done with his smoke he had the disgusting habit of putting it our on his dinner plate. The muffin and jelly caught fire. It sure was funny watching him dance a little jig and trying to keep the Melmac from melting through the table cloth. I swear I had never seen a man with one arm and one leg move so fast. I will be praying that your insurance covers all the damages and sends a handsome young man over as the claims investigator.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Orleanna Price

  2. Sharon,I second the handsome workman. Now when my fridge broke, Sears send over a repairman who looked like that nice English actor Tom Hardy and I was pretty ok with that one. I made him some dry toast and black coffee like a good hostess,but he ran screaming when I suggested we take our snack upstairs. I am out of practice with the men today. My last date was to see "Tootsie" in 1982 with a man who ended up being just like Tootsie so that didn;t quite work out in my favor.
    See you at church
    Brigid Sr.