Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ask Aunt Sharon 1.0

Hello and welcome to the first ever installment of Ask Aunt Sharon™I will be taking your questions on life, love, snack food and everything in between. Contact Sharon via Facebook or Email. All questions will remain anonymous so the world won't know what a godless slut you really are. Amen™

Q- Sister Sharon,  I am experiencing pain during intercourse due to a mesh sling erosion. HELP.

A- My dear, Thank you for your question, you have come to the right place. Pain during intercourse is normal. This "mesh sling erosion" of which you speak is God's way of punishing your sinning vagina. On the 8th day, when The Lord created the vagina, he created the mesh sin sling, designed to erode when a woman is a sinning fornicator (such as yourself.) And lo it was good. 

It is very important that you heed my advice: Marry this gentleman at once. Once you are legally married in the eyes of The Lord, this problem will resolve itself. Except the pain during intercourse part. That's normal. Amen™

Until next time, Amen™

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