Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ask Aunt Sharon 2.0

To have your question featured in the next installment of Ask Aunt Sharon, contact Sharon via Facebook or Email. All questions will remain anonymous so the world won't know what a godless slut you really are. Amen™

Q- Aunt Sharon, I was going to make some buffalo chicken dip for a party this weekend, do you have any suggestions of things to go with it?

A- Yes, yes. I know of the dip of which you speak. It is vile, putrid stuff. It could not be more sin laden if it was satan himself's vomit. You must not make this dip lest you perish. If you insist on defying the advice of Sharon, some toast rounds and crudities pair nicely. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Edit: This ungodly reader DID NOT follow the Godly advice of Sharon Bailgoat and bestowed the following dip upon the world. Thank you reader for sending a photo of your sinful dip. 

Until next time, Amen™

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